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Expect Miracles Gold Cuff

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Expect Miracles!  

These words are as deeply rooted in history as they are in our soul.  You may have never known that the word "Expect". . . comes from the word "wait".  But "wait", with an expectation from your heart. "Wait" believing that what you are "hoping" for . . .  is on its way.

The waiting is often difficult.  Sustaining "hope" in the "waiting" often requires more faith than we knew we were capable of holding in our heart.  Pushing past the fear of the unknown and grasping with certainty the expectation of the miracle we desire is one of the greatest endeavors of our soul. Particularly when we are walking through a season of great uncertainty. 

This brass cuff is simply a reminder for you or someone you love to sustain the expection. To hold on to the "hope".  To "Expect the Miracle"! (It is on it's way).